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Energy-efficient building solutions

With decades of experience in energy and environmental facilities management, we develop solutions geared towards longevity and efficiency. From bespoke energy-optimised operating concepts to cost-effective innovative services.

The demands for a seamless and cost-efficient supply of energy in real estate and industrial properties are extensive.

Current challenges in facility and building management:

Increasing fuel prices.

New legislation to report and reduce CO2 emissions.

85% of UK buildings were built without regard for energy efficiency.

Most buildings have a lack of actionable data and expertise to action data.

50% space in buildings is under-utilised.

Creating a sustainable workplace.

Our energy facility management services

Energy champions

Our trained ‘energy champions’ are equipped with specialist tools and software to identify the right building solutions for you.

They work with you on your net zero plans to implement behavioural changes in your business, finding quick wins and suggesting changes to ensure they meet their own targets and government legislation.

Their findings are reported to the Apleona ‘Green Real Estate’ team, and if a solution is not found, we can quote for a solution using our catalogue of green products.


We have in-house digital products to support, including:


Our energy management programme, Enerlutec, is a digitalised database. It enables automatic recording of energy and monetary consumption data and allows energy and media consumption to be visualised, examined and optimised.

> Alerts notifying exceptions in consumption.

> Calculates key performance indicators.

> Allows for benchmarking across buildings and sites.

> Tracks energy-saving measures.

> Produces standardised reporting of individual customer data.

> Offers transparency by providing 24/7 access to customers.


Recogizer is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based, self-learning energy and CO2 optimisation tool. It controls heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation technology, is fully automatic and predicts weather and usage. 

> A significant reduction in costs. 
> A significant CO2 reduction. 
> A fully automated desired room climate for users. 
> The technology is mature and can be implemented on site in a short period of time. 

> Amortization is achieved within a short timeframe. 

client sites adopted Enerlutec in 2022.

light fittings were changed to LEDs at our PPP sites, saving over 174 tonnes of CO2e/annum.

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