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sustainability management

Trusted business sustainability management

We believe it’s vital to consider the environment, our employees, our customers’ goals, local economies, and our role in making our industry a greener place.

By continuously investing in sustainable solutions, we are always developing new initiatives in our service delivery. Plus, our subject matter experts lead various committees to further evolve our award-winning innovative thinking, ideas and solutions.

We aim to deliver on our promise to help customers reduce their environmental impact, carbon and waste.

Our green real estate services

Sustainable energy solutions

We use energy management digital platforms and artificial intelligence to support smart use of energy, save money and avoid any wastage. Plus, our dedicated team of ‘energy champions’ find solutions to meet sites’ individual energy and environmental needs.

For more information, visit our Energy Solutions page.

Lighting management

Our lighting experts create sustainable lighting solutions to make your business more efficient, more environmentally friendly, more profitable, and improve wellbeing and productivity.

Water flushing controls

Our water experts are on hand with solutions such as water flushing controls, which maintain hygiene standards while dramatically cutting water costs, and conserving water (up to 95% compared to an uncontrolled cistern, and around 30-40% against more basic water management systems). For more information, visit our Water Technology page.

Sustainable building management solutions

We can help you choose a tailored, sustainable BMS system or system upgrade for your site to ensure we maximise your ROI.

ESOS assessors

Environmental legislation is constantly changing. Our quarterly environmental legal update keeps you informed, and our qualified ESOS assessors are on hand to assist and advise on ESOS compliance.

Waste management

We believe the best way to manage waste is to avoid creating it in the first place. We analyse your existing waste streams and identify ways to prevent it – via circular economy solutions and ‘designing-out waste’ from your current processes. These award-winning programmes save money and help create a better world.

Electric vehicle (EV) solutions

We partner with key EV manufacturers and suppliers to offer you scalable and fully tailored solutions for their site’s EV requirements. Choose from our fully trained and certified in-house EV installers, or our wide-reaching supply chain partners.

Chemical-free cleaning

By choosing chemical-free cleaning, we’re not only contributing to the fight against pollution of our planet but also creating safer and cleaner work environments.

Sustainable catering

Our high-quality catering offering is centred around 3 key objectives: zero waste, supporting local and a lower carbon footprint. For more information, visit our Catering page.

litres of cleaning chemicals and plastic eliminated in 2022.


of our company fleet are electric vehicles.

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