Specialist water solutions

& Legionella testing

Specialist water solutions & Legionella testing

Rely on our decades of water technology experience – from the design, installation and servicing of your systems to Legionella testing that helps ensure your building is compliant.

Our water technology services

Legionella risk assessments

This is the first step to help ensure a Legionella-compliant property for its occupants. It’s proof that the necessary steps have been taken to keep people safe.

Our UKAS accredited and ACOP L8 compliant Legionella risk assessments identify key areas for improvement to ensure compliance with current Legionella control regulations.

This process confirms that vital practices and effective protocols are in place to control the risk and monitor conditions within the water system.

Written schemes

We offer written schemes of control identifying measures taken to control your water systems and reduce the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.

Water hygiene monitoring and maintenance

We provide Legionella monitoring works which are fully compliant with ACOP L8 and HSG274 Part 2: The control of Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems as well as HTM04-01 guidance in healthcare premises.

This includes:

> Hot and cold water services, monitoring and inspection.

> Tank cleaning in accordance with the guidance within HSG274 and HSG282.

> TMV servicing.

> Shower head and hose (spray outlet) cleaning and disinfection.

> Disinfection services.

> TMV replacement services.

Water treatment services

We provide an extensive range of boiler water treatment programmes for all boiler types, from power plants on large industrial sites to small heating systems.

Closed water systems

We offer numerous services and chemicals for closed circuit water systems, focused on maintaining performance by minimising the risk and damage from corrosion and scale.


We provide treatment chemicals for boiler water, cooling water, reverse osmosis, chlorination or disinfection.

Dosing and control systems

Chemical water dosing systems can be an extremely effective method of protecting your systems against the risks presented by Legionella bacteria, scale formation and corrosion.


This training provides the knowledge to develop effective Legionella management – such as understanding the risk of moral, legal and financial implications associated with poor control. The course also provides resources to control Legionella bacteria, in-line with ACOP L8 and HSG 274.

Legionella awareness training is for anyone involved in Legionella bacteria control in hot and cold water systems, but who do not have overall responsibility.

On-site practical PPM maintenance and logbook training can be incorporated into either of the above courses or standalone training.

Plant and equipment services

Installation of systems

Softeners, automatic dosing systems, reverse osmosis systems, and UV passive disinfection systems.


Probes, sensors, monitoring systems, injection lines, lances, and all peripheral equipment.


Servicing, commissioning and calibration of water treatment services lines listed above.

The design, supply and installation of water systems

Apleona building compliance (ABC) – electronic logbook

ABC is a market-leading online health, safety and compliance management tool. The product delivers proven efficiency and transparency to facilities, estate and compliance managers.

It centralises records and information storage and enhances monitoring and reporting on health and safety requirements across building portfolios.

ABC provides a user-friendly solution to modern building management – from recording real-time Legionella report results and routine monitoring using our handheld monitoring app, to updating information, creating reports via our dashboard reporting centre.

Legionella analytical services

> Water sampling – We only use UKAS accredited laboratories for the analysis. These are independent to ensure impartiality.

> Interpretation of analysis

> Trend analysis

> Report and recommendations

> Remedial rectifications


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Over 1000 people trained in Legionella awareness by our teams.

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